Vintage style living - which rug fits?

Rugs, the most important home accessory in the vintage theme

Vintage style is becoming more and more fashionable. Vintage means "old" or even "old-fashioned", but this does not at all mean that you should turn your home into an antique treasure trove that has been untrodden for 60 years. Quite the contrary, because the vintage look has long since conquered not only the fashion world, but also the interior design world is totally enthusiastic about this style. There are countless ways you can transform your home into a vintage dream home. We reveal to you here the tips and tricks for a perfect, textile interior.

Of course, the right rug can not be missing in a vintage apartment. There are actually rugs that have already traveled half a world, have been in old palaces and are more than 500 years old. Since these historical works of art are of course rare, there is a simple alternative; Vintage rugs, that are new, but have an antique look.

Modern home office in vintage style

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1. Vintage and industrial look

If you want to furnish your home in a more rustic way, then a combination of industrial and vintage look is suitable. You are welcome to work with a lot of wood, iron elements and concrete. If you have the opportunity, you should definitely visit one of the various flea markets, because there you will surely find a beautiful old sewing machine or an old chest. Such special accessories will give your home a very special charm. On the subject of Vintage rugs, you have a few options.

In terms of color, everything is allowed, from colorful to black. However, if you already have dark furniture elements and floors, you should go for some color. Currently, the overlaying of vintage rugs is also an absolute fashion trend. Here you can also work with different colored rugs, the main thing is that the rugs are flat, so they are suitable for layering.

Vintage and industrial look seating group

2. The elegant industrial look

Another style that deserves attention is the noble vintage style. Here you can work with contrast. On the ceiling a beautiful chandelier is mounted, elegant furniture combined with it, and an antique-looking Vintage rug, the new living feeling is complete. When choosing a rug, feel free to venture into a somewhat classic pattern. The vintage look of a former oriental rug looks particularly noble. To match, you can also work with a modern wallpaper or curtains, if desired, this gives your new look the finishing touch.

Living area in elegant industrial look

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