What are Gabbeh rugs?

Nomadic craftsmanship for your home

The original Persian Gabbeh rug comes from the south of Iran. It is hand knotted by nomadic women in the Zagros Mountains. Another name for the Persian Gabbeh rugs is therefore also "nomadic rugs". The material is virgin wool and comes from sheep in the Zagros Mountains. The colors for the unique rugs are natural colors obtained from plants, barks and roots.

Nomad woman with child working on a rug

Typical for this type of rug are the cheerful and bright colors. They express the joy of life of the weavers. There are several tribes that still weave these special rugs today. Among these tribes are the Bakhtiars, the Kashgai or the Afshars. All tribes have one thing in common, the women knot the rugs, the men herd and shear the sheep. The children of the families attend the school tent and thus our Persian Gabbeh rugs are without child labor and fairly traded.

Children learning in a nomadic school tent

In the past, the colorful Gabbeh rugs were for the nomads own use and decorated the floor of the nomad tents. There were rugs in many different colors from cream and natural rugs, to colorful rugs with many patterns and colors. This variety of rugs still exists today, because the origin is still the same.

Hand knotted nomadic rug in Iranian highlands

Because of its popularity in the Western countries, the Persian Gabbeh rug got competition from other countries. Today, the original from Iran is imitated in countries like India, Afghanistan or Turkey. These rugs are similar to the original, but they have not achieved the originality and authentic look. A genuine hand-knotted Gabbeh rugs from Iran remains an unmatched work of art that speaks from the soul of every nomadic weaver.

Female weaver with hand knotted Gabbeh rug

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