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Perfect imperfect, our secret tip for you

The bohemian style, imperfect, artisanal, hippie. There are so many different terms that could describe this style. The boho style is multi-faceted and just as multi-faceted as the theme of boho chic itself, are the rugs that are available to buy for this style.

You want to decorate your home in this style, then you can let your imagination run wild when decorating. Everything is allowed, color or black and white, simple or with lots of pattern. Bohemian style inspires and is our insider tip for cozy living.

Different facets of the Bohemian style

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1. Modern and pastel

This quite understated type of boho style uses many, subtle shades of color. This type of boho is kept modern and simple. For a perfect implementation of this style, you should make sure that you use colors like off-white, beige and powder tones in the room. Of course, the typical boho materials such as wood, knitwear and handmade decorative elements should not be missing. You should also keep the handicraft in mind when choosing your rug. Rugs made of natural materials, such as rugs made of genuine virgin wool dyed with natural dyes, are particularly suitable. The natural wool usually adopts the colors in a deliberately irregular way, and thus such rugs fit perfectly with the boho theme. Another advantage of these natural rugs is that these rugs, so-called Nomadic rugs are absolutely insensitive and provide a cozy indoor climate.

Boho living room in pastel colors

2. Cozy and to feel good

If you want it to be a bit more contrasting, but still cozy, you can live out the boho style in black and white, offwhite and with cozy decorative elements. Here you can first define whether you prefer your rooms light, or darker. Black wall elements are often found in the boho style. With both color concepts, it only depends on the combination of the textile furnishing elements. You should make sure that you decorate cozy pillows, for example, with route patterns or in black and white. In addition, decorative items made of wood, knitwear and jute should not be missing. When choosing the right rug, you should make sure that you choose a cozy rug. Well suited are cuddly Berber rugs, with or without braided fringes. This type of rug is usually available in white or off-white and with route patterns which are typical for boho style. This concept can be completed with cozy blankets, for example, knitted or with ethnic patterns.

Boho style living room with lots of natural light

3. Natural and Urban

This area of boho style will bring you the feeling of freedom and nature in your interior. Here you will work with a lot of plants, knitted and woven baskets, as well as wooden elements. The mood of the room becomes very natural, colorful and cozy. If you like, you can, for example, decorate your cultural vacation souvenirs from Africa or Morocco to it. If you do not have such fancy decorative elements, then you should definitely work with colorful pillows and blankets.

Now comes the question of the appropriate rug: you should choose a rug that has earth tones, rust or even strong orange / red tones. Particularly suitable are again hand-knotted nomadic rugs, with their natural highland wool and natural colors.

A flat woven alternative, also hand knotted, are Kilim rugs. The special thing about the Kelim rugs is that they embody the boho style itself with their colorful nature and ethnic patterns. Kelim rugs radiate pure joie de vivre. The flat rugs are therefore not to be excluded from a classic bohemian living concept.

Kelim rug and pillow with floral patterns

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