Determine the right rug size for a corner sofa

Choosing the right rug to match a corner sofa is often not so easy. Depending on the desired effect in the room, we recommend four different standard rug sizes.

What size of the living room rug we recommend for what purpose, you will learn in this article.

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Variant 1: Small rug - big effect!

In general, we recommend to choose a living room rug at least standard size 170x240 cm to a corner sofa. In this variant, only a small living room table stands on the rug. The corner sofa and possibly armchairs are not on the rug, but in front of it. We recommend a rug of this size, for example, for small rooms that have limited space or other spatial limitations.

Rugs in 170x240cm
Corner sofa with small rug and two armchairs

Variant 2: The increase

If the rug size is not necessarily determined by space or budget, then we recommend to choose a standard size larger. The rug size 200x250cm now allows the front legs of the corner sofa and also an armchair to stand on the rug. In the professional world, it is called the creation of a living island when the living room furniture and the rug have a connection with each other. Visually, the living area thus automatically appears larger and more spacious. In general, the rule of thumb is that the larger the rug can be, the more spacious the living island will look.

Rugs in 200x250cm
The creation of a residential island

Variant 3: Spacious living island

To create a really cozy and homely island of well-being, we usually recommend to put at least the size 250x300 cm to a corner sofa. With this rug size, the corner sofa would stand generously on the rug and, for example, a lounge chair could stand on the rug as well as a side table. This variant creates a spacious living island.

Rugs in 250x300cm
Großzügige Wohninsel

Variant 4: The XL living feel

If you have a really spacious living room, you can opt for the ultimate XL living feeling. With a rug measuring 250x350 cm or 300x400 cm, the whole corner sofa and any other pieces of furniture can be placed on the rug. The rug gives the living island a wonderful floor and provides maximum well-being.

Rugs from 250x350cm
All furniture is on the rug for an XL living feel

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