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Simply explained, Art Deco is a design movement that emerged in the late 1920s and lasted until about 1940. The term comes from the French and means "decorative arts". However, Art Deco is often not considered a style, but rather an era or an attitude, as Art Deco has been established for a long time. What makes Art Deco special is that the design was created through influences from a wide variety of cultures. Typical of the style are jagged or straight lines, geometric shapes and shiny, iridescent surfaces. It is noticeable that in Art Deco unusual combinations of different textures, colors and noble materials are applied. The strong colors dominate and the eye-catching shapes take a back seat to the effect on the surface.

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The golden center

Very popular in the Art Deco look are colors like petrol, emerald and jade green, violet, but also black. The colors must be strong and stand out. An Art Deco interior is very often combined with golden decorative accessories. This is because at that time the social class of rich industrialists and wealthy heirs from wealthy families felt the need to furnish themselves in a way that reflected personal and financial circumstances. For this reason, many Art Deco typical furniture, furnishings that were already found in noble and royal houses, such as lounge furniture, opulent mirrors or serving trolleys. Gold was a sign of wealth at that time, so they exposed it with their shiny, golden furnishing accessories.

Nowadays, not so much emphasis is placed on gold, because it can appear exaggerated and quickly distract. Therefore, you should always find the "golden center". Rugs also play a very big role in this, because rugs ground the room and make it look even more beautiful, noble and luxurious. If you are a fan of intense colors, then a colorful and expressive Design rug is definitely recommended here. Perfect for an interior design that should stand out.

Accents with gold accessories

In velvet and silk

Very popular in the Art Deco look is furniture made of velvet. They look incredibly high quality and unique. Exactly what Art Deco exudes. No conventional mass production, but extraordinary furniture made according to traditional craftsmanship. Wallpaper is also very popular here. A black and white wallpaper with a classic building depicted, adds even more twenties flair to the room. Especially since the architecture was just as swept away by this era. A simple rug, color-coordinated with the pillows and sofa, also looks great in an Art Deco look.

High quality materials, such as velvet and silk

The modern Art Deco look

Quite typical for the modern art deco look is a large mirror with a gold frame on the wall. In this case, the living room is kept classic and combined with unanimous color shades. Wallpapers with geometric shapes, probably hard to imagine a modern interior design without them. They will add charm to your interior style. Of course, a rug should not be missing here. To maintain the sensual character, we recommend, for example, a simple simple Gabbeh rug in soft shades. For this, furniture with a smooth surface is a real eye-catcher, they round off the Art Deco look and bring your home in the desired ambience.

Furnishings in modern Art Deco look
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