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Silk Rug Thousand and One Nights

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An exceptional and stunning silk rug from our exclusive Jordan Collection. The rug is largely made of pure, hand-spun natural silk with hand-spun virgin wool. Depending on the incidence of light, the unique rug shines and fills the room with joy. This beautiful rug artwork is, as the name suggests, reminiscent of "One Thousand and One Nights". Numerous stories and myths are told in the narratives, and that is also the effect of the rug. Our unique piece acts like a narrative that never ends. One can interpret all kinds of stories into it and is always surprised anew by the wonderful sight of the rug. Talented weavers have very finely hand-knotted this wonderful rug from India in a manufactory. Such handwork requires years of practice and a high level of skill. The high quality materials and controlled colours ensure that the rug is of first class quality and durability. A truly stunning piece of rug art that has a very special meaning. 

Product details

Size: 246cm x 315cm
Country of origin: India
Material: Highland wool, Chinese natural silk
Color: Purple
Manufacturing time: approx. 420 days
Type of making: hand knotted, hand spun
Brand: Jordan-Design Collection
Rug type: Hand knotted rugs, Silk rugs

Shipping & Returns

All costs (handling, fees, VAT and possibly customs, as well as import VAT) as well as shipping are included from a goods value of 1'000 CHF. For deliveries up to 1'000 CHF value of goods we charge 100 CHF shipping costs.

Our direct import price

Our direct import price means that you buy our rugs between 25 - 35% cheaper than traditional retail, because we select and buy the rugs directly on site in the country of origin. This also means that there is no intermediate trade between us and the manufacturer. We pass this price advantage on to our customers in full.

Care instructions

Our silk rugs are hand-knotted unique pieces made of fine silk, a material that shines particularly beautifully and brings out incredibly fine nuances of colour. Because silk is a high-quality natural material, you should not clean silk rugs with chemical agents. Remove stains with neutral soap and water. If you have more persistant stains or you want to give the rug a thorough cleaning after some time, then the hand-knotted silk rugs can be washed. We offer this rug washing service for our rugs. We recommend using a hoover with a flat nozzle. This is more gentle on the hand-knotted rugs. We also recommend the use of a non-slip underlay to protect your floor and the rug and prevent you from slipping on the rug. The unique piece is ideally suited for underfloor heating.


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